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Aurora Eurotech Virtual Radar 3D


Возможности :
* Реал-тайм 3D / 2D просмотр самолетов с Mode-S/ADS-B.
* Отображение Mode-A/C Кодов.
* LED Алерт расстояния до самолета.
* Карты NASA.
* Алерты Самолетов.
* Фотографии отслеживаемых самолетов.
* Поддержка двух мониторов.
* Раздача данных через Интернет.
* Кнопка Захвата Скриншота.
* Автоматическая выгрузка через FTP скриншотов.
* Receiver outputs decoded messages with aircraft data. ie Hex,Alt,Lat,Lon etc. To simplify development of users own programs.
* Raw data directly from receiver. Time stamped to 25ns (using 64 Bit timer). For Hi-Precision Multilateration (MLat).
* Includes COAA Planeplotter Lite.
* Supports COAA Planeplotter MLat. Fully approved Ground Station.
* Compatible with third party applications. via port 30003.
* Uses SQLite open source database engine.
* SSRx Receiver uses advanced signal processing.  (12bit 40Mhz ADC,FPGA and dedicated DSP)
* Suitable for all types of antenna. incl mag-mount & hi-gain external (recommended).
* Size only 130mm x 81mm x 30mm.
* Fully CE Approved.
* No external power supply required.
* Connects to Windows PC, Laptop via Plug & play USB connection.
* Support for third party developers. We make Beta software available to both developers and ALL our users for them to try our new features and developments. (This is in addition to our full feature software and a FREE copy of Planeplotter Lite)


Unique Features:
* The only Virtual Radar with Aircraft Range Estimation (For Mode-A/C Mode-S and ADS-B Aircraft).
* The only Virtual Radar with built in real time 3D view.
* The only Virtual Radar to display Mode-AC Codes.
* The only Virtual Radar with Hi-Precision time stamp (25ns/64 bit).
* True real time Virtual Radar. (There is NO delay on either 3D view OR on data output to other programs)

Coming Soon:
* We are working on a number of new features that will be introduced in the next few months.
* Compatible with our Ethernet to USB Interface and our Radio Direction Finder (products in development).