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ADSBScope IC7K Manual

This porgram does not have map view - use another programs with port 30003 connection.

1. This program must install to the same folder where ADSBScope from sprut already installed! (You can download it from sprut site)

2. This program NEED RadarBox NavData.db3 database file to work! (download 4Mb). Unpack and Put this file into sprut ADSBScope folder manually.

3. This program NEED Photo directory in working directory ADSBScope! (download 223Mb). Unpack and Put this folder into sprut ADSBScope folder manually.

You also can get links to needed files in menu Resources.

Below, you can see example of directory list in my computer:


4. Download Setup26716.exe (for example, the number 27616 will changed with version) and run. Select sprut ADSBScope directory and setup:


5. After seup is completed, you can run program using shortcut on Desktop.


The main window interface. Select comport, and connect to microADSB (press button with black aircraft):


2. The interface of MyLog window is simply: